Friday, April 6, 2012

Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover

Have you ever tried to have a sleepover wih your girlfriends but it was a flop? I have tons of experience with sleepovers, so I'd figure that I would share some advice on activities, food, and more with the world wide web.

Truth or dare.

Put on loud music and dance to it. Make sure to play high-energy music everybody agrees on that makes you wanna move your body.

Make up your own choreography to a song.

Pillow fight! xD those are ALWAYS fun.

Stuffed animal fights also.

Draw silly pictures of each other.

If you have a pool, don't hesitate to go swimming. You can play games such as Marco Polo and mermaids. Or even better: splash fight! If the water's too cold, dare the most chicken of the guests to jump in. Many laughs to come.

Freeze dance!

Karaoke! If you don't have a machine, find the instrumentals of the songs you're looking for on YouTube. Even better, have the group write a song and then all sing it together. =D

Make Jewelry for each other. (if you don't have beads, there's endless selections at Micheals.)

When it gets dark, play ditch 'em. (hide and go seek tag that doesn't start over and you can move from your hiding spots.)

If you're all for scaring your pants off, watch paranormal activity. Some other good horror movies are The Shining, The Haunting and Scream. You can always watch Freaky Friday, Cinderella Story and Mean Girls are all good sleepover movies. Rent a cheesy romantic comedy. If you're worried your friends won't like your movie selection, ask each friend to bring a movie and you can choose from there.

Play video games! Just Dance works if you have that. Or bowling, that's always fun. DDR? Lol.

Food =D

Make sure there's lots of snacks and drinks. Get soda, water, chips and candy. My favorite chips are BBQ, Takes and cheddar. Also, Trisects and pepperoni, shredded cheese, bananas and watermelon. Celery and peanut butter. <3 Carrots. My favorite candies are Reese's, M&M's and Hershey's. xD I guess I'm just a chocolate person. For soda, get Sprite, Orange, Pepsi, Root Beer, and Dr. Pepper so there's a variety. Maybe you can make soda floats! GOOD TRUTH OR DARE IDEA: chug the soda.

Order pizza whenever everybody is hungry. If there are vegetarians in the group, don't forget to get vegetarian pizza! Usually you're good if you get cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers and hawaiian. I reccomend Hungry Howie's.


Make ice cream sundaes! (buy ice cream and a bunch of toppings.) I like Brier's and Blue Bunny ice cream. Get a couple different kinds (including vanilla) so there's variety. Then have your own mini cold stone in your kitchen and go crazy with different toppings. If you're feeling adventurous, buy random things you might not think to put on ice cream and try it out. I recommend gummy worms, lots of fruit, and of course whipped cream and maraschino cherries.

In the morning: pancakes and bacon, home made. Everybody loves chocolate chip.

Lesbian experimentation....JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!

Play chain story! Sit in a circle. Pick somebody to start (not it, hand in a bowl,) and go clockwise. The starting person says, "once upon a time, there was....and they make something up. Then you go around the cirlce, each adding to the story.

Don't Let The Balloon Touch The Floor.

Make a friggen bff club dude. It can be for whatever you're passionate about. And have meetings at every sleepover (:.

Go outside sit on the edge of the sidewalk and yell at cars. Its very entertaining when you're bored and there's endless possibilities as to what you could yell. It's especially fun if you're in a ghetto area and you see a large white van, holding a thumbs-up.

You should totally go to the park and build a giant sand castle and rate guys you see there on a scale of one to ten. Even better, play ditch eM at the park. And if you have a bike, you can ride it there. Ask your friends to bring their bikes, too, so that they don't feel left out! At the park, you can play a game on the swings to see who can kick their shoes off the farthest.

If nothing is happening for a while you can always start a big conversation about whatever is on your mind. Talk about life, school, cute boys, the government, cute boys, your dreams, your passions, your troubles, your pet peeves, cute boys…whatever.

You can do a confession game, where you confess either stuff you didn't know, something you lied about, or something you have always wanted to tell your friends. Also, say nice things about each other. This can be really self-esteem raising, and can get emotional, so beware(:

Play speed (it's a card game.) or apples to apples that's super fun. UNO attack never fails, and if your friends have the patience you can play Monopoly. There's also sorry and other board/card games, those are just my favorite.
Would you rather=classic sleepover game.

Make overs! Classic sleepover stuff. Also, do each others nails! Don't forget about hair!!!

Dress-up is also fun. Raid your closet for your most outrageously fancy clothes and try them on. After you dress up and do makeovers, do a fashion show! Be sure to take lots of pictures and tell the other girls how pretty they are. It'll make your friends who need a self-confidence boost feel like a pretty princess.

After you do pretty make-overs, put make-up on each others faces that looks really silly. Make it so ridiculous you guys look like clowns. Then get all your wild stuffed animals and your cat/dog if you have one and put on a Circus.

Take turns telling cheesy jokes.

Do drugs.

Get drunk.

Hit somebody over the head with a stop sign and pretend it's April fool's day.

Prank calls! But only call people you know that will think its funny, and make sure to *67 it so there's no caller ID.

Play "shots." Select one concoctionist and one one tester. (Select via eenie meenie minie moe, bubble gum, etc.) The concoctionist will get a cup. Then he or she will raid the cabinets for gross combinations. The next person will be blindfolded (tie a pillow case around their head) and down the shot. It can be fun and really gross at the same time.

Baking time!! Cupcakes and cookies are especially fun to make.

Get some paper. Start drawing something, and have everybody else try to guess what you're drawing. Aka: piccionary. Many laughs to come.

Have a contest to see who can stay up the longest. If one person falls asleep before everyone else, draw on their face.

Play spies on the neighbors.

Ding dong ditch on their house. And TP it.

When everybody goes to sleep, set up blankets in the living room so it looks sorta like a tent. It'll be really cool. Make your own little fort!

Or if you've got a cool backyard, sleep outside! You can start a fire and roast marshmallows, too. Tell stories around it, whether they're ghost or not. Make each other laugh in your conversations. Be as silly as possible. That's why I recommend tons of sugar.

If you get really bored, play Polly Pockets. It's really fun if you just use your imagination. I've done it at sleepovers even when I was a teenager. :D

Remember, be chill and go with the flow. Don't be bossy, and majority rules. Have common courtesy.
Most importantly: HAVE FUN!!! Cause that's what you're having the sleepover for. (:

Go here for fun truth or dare ideas.…
Amazing cupcake recipe: Http://


  1. Thank you that was very helpful and LOL the experiment

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  3. Thanks! I am having a sleepover in a couple weeks and i needed good suggestions and ideas. I am too young to do some of those. But we are gonna do a majority of them! Thanks ~Random Person you don't know

  4. I am Having a Sleepover tonight with 1 friend and your suggestions will REALLY wrok!!!! Thx.

  5. Thanx I'm having a sleep over this weekend and it helped

  6. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would girls get drunk and do drugs at a sleepover? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Girl those exclamation marks match your caps lock perfectly. *Snap in Z formation*

  7. i did the stop sign one and i almost went to jail so thanks a lot jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( i hate u

    1. I didn't think anyone would take that seriously. Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha

    2. Thank you so much 😊 you helped me I am having a sleepover next week 😊

  8. he decided to do it so its not her fault bully

  9. Gay ass shit ! A site for a 5 YEAR OLD !

  10. Here's some things you could do and not drugs or drink !!! 0_o
    1.manicures,look online for cool designs
    2.blindfold makeover challenge
    3.sneak outside to the beach like me :)
    4.sit on the roof
    5.mattress sliding down the stairs chef with judges
    8.pranks(draw on on the first one to fall asleep face, hand in warm water, touch their nose while putting shaving cream on your friends hand
    9.junk food
    10.movies ( scary,or comedy)
    11.everyone asks simple questions like sluttest one and everyone writes answer on notepad
    12.Would you rather,truth or dare
    13.flashlight tag outside
    14.prank calls
    15. Read magazines
    16. Take photos for instagram or Facebook show
    18. Listen to music or make a video and post it to YouTube
    19.pretend your at a spa and someone pretends to work there and give you a spa treatment
    20.make friendship bracelets or buy some :P
    21.get smores ,tell scary stories at the beach :D
    22.make ice cream sundaes
    23. Make nasty drinks then blindfold your friend an they guess what's in it
    24.paint old or hideous clothes

    Lol did this alll with friend I'm 13 so this is a must try for everyone!!!

    1. Ok like im doing all of those things ( sorta )

    2. I listed 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 22, and 23. Thanks for the repetition.

    3. I also listed 1, part of 18, 20, and part of 21.

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  12. Hey kaya those are some good ideas! I'm going to try some :)

  13. Trying all of them but the two you should never do... im mever dong drugs or drinking ( beer vacca stuff like thay. )

    1. That's what you want us to think, but let's be honest.

    2. ...I was half-joking when I said drink and do drugs

  14. Yea! That's right kids DO DRUGS!!!!! And remember don't tell your mommy!

  15. im having a sleepover tonight and i hope these suggestions will work! thnx ~ somebody

  16. wow thats alot of stuff really helped

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    1. Sleepovers are supposed to be stupid.

    2. I liked your iCarly referance (iApril Fools). That episode was #boss.

  18. I will try most of this stuff but I aint doing drugs and I aint drinking

  19. Stupid I'm 11 having a sleepover for my 12th birthday I don't do drugs or get drunk you make me sick

  20. i like how everybody is hating on how you said do drugs get drunk but only a smart person would know you were just kidding and thanks i will try some of these. for sure

  21. im going to take these advice tonight! im the hostis

  22. Thanks, but really? Do drugs and get drunk!!!!! What if other seven year old kids LIKE ME read this and tell their parents about it?????!!!!!!!!!! Luckily I am a cool kid and I don't tell on people like that so... I would watch out if I were you because I am telling you there are some kids in my class that would totally tell no question. I am the smartest kid in my class right now so I know not to do that.(I am also the youngest which is kind of weird) so if you get reported or something, just remember it was probably someone from my second grade class!!!!

  23. I drink and do drugs all the time, and I'm turning out alright. They are fun haha

  24. WOW like people want to hit their friends or anybody else with a stop sign and act like its April fools day , and almost go to jail wow "great choice" and little kids look this up do you really want them to do bad choices by doing drugs and drinking that sets a bad example. i dont know what your thinking!!!!!!!

  25. WOW like people want to hit their friends or anybody else with a stop sign and act like its April fools day , and almost go to jail wow "great choice" and little kids look this up do you really want them to do bad choices by doing drugs and drinking that sets a bad example. i dont know what your thinking!!!!!!!

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  27. Like the! Dumb ideas, but pretty good!

  28. XD i like the one when you said.. cute boys, school, cute boys, life, CUTE BOYS. XDD i literally fell off my chair laughing at that one. :)

  29. XD i like the one when you said.. cute boys, school, cute boys, life, CUTE BOYS. XDD i literally fell off my chair laughing at that one. :)

    1. XD I laughed SO HARD TOO THAT WAS SO FUNNY lololololololol but i laughed SO HARD I fell into an active volcano XD XD XD xd ha ha i almost died lmao lmao lmao lmao

  30. Why would we hit our friends with a stop sign!!?! Why WOULD WE DO FRIGGIN DRUGS AND DRINK, YOU DUMB NUT HEAD

    1. wow what flipping nut head amirite

  31. OMG I AM A GO O D CHILD OF THE LORD AND I DO NOT DRUG OR ALCOHOL EVR! XDD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD do any of u guys like one direction? ? my fave membr is hary stiles omg he hawt XD XD XD XD